What ‘To Do’ & What ‘Not To Do’ in Pre & Post Pregnancy by Kareena Kapoor Khan!

Kareena Kapoor Khan, the way she carried her pregnancy is inspiring for all those women who also go through so many physical changes that sometimes they even don’t like the way they started looking during those days. The statement like ‘she looks fat’ after the pregnancy irked Kareena and she realised the pain which an every woman going through post their pregnancy. Here she shared the tips for all the women who’re going through the pregnancy!

Kreena Kapoor pre and post pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor Shares What ‘To Do’ & What ‘Not To Do’ Pre & Post Pregnancy (Image Source: Fashion lady)

Excerpts from the letter published in Deccan Chronicle
“Someone recently commented on a picture of mine post a yoga class and said I looked fat, I realised how insensitive people can be even if a woman has just delivered,” said Kareena, who is working day-in and day-out to shed those extra kilos.
It got me thinking about how women must feel about (and deal with) changes in their body post delivery. Maybe their world shatters, maybe they feel so under-confident that getting back into fab shape starts feeling like a faraway dream.
Next slide to know what she is saying about her own pregnancy days!

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