LATEST: An angry Salman Khan swears to never work with this celebrity again

Looks like after his major tiff with Arijit Singh, Salman Khan has sworn once again to never work with this famous name again! The actor who is busy shooting for upcoming film Tubelight in Leh and Ladakh recently told his close friends that he isnt getting along with a certain celeb from the industry very well and might want to cut all ties in the future.

Kabir and Salman Khan (picture courtesy: India Today)

Kabir and Salman Khan (picture courtesy: India Today)

On hearing that the name is none other than Kabir Khan, Times of India contacted the film maker who said none of the said above is true. The rumours on the other hand refuse to die. Several sources are suggesting that Kabil and Salman’s creative differences has led to such a sudden decision. Apparently due to a clash of ego between the two, Salman has decided to let go of Kabir and never work with him again. However, this is not the first time Salman has permanently stopped working with a celeb. His tiff with Aishwarya Rai,Vivek Oberoi and Ranbir Kapoor has also caused the actor to distance himself away from these celebs.

We just hope the rumour turns out to be just another false claim and the stars get back together to create the same magic once again.

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