LATEST: Did Sridevi teach her daughter a lesson for having a boyfriend too soon?

Sridevi Kapoor and Jhanvi Kapoor (picture courtesy: businessofcinema)

The much known celebrity kid and Boney Kapoor’s daughter Jhanvi has created ripples ever since she stepped actively into social media. From sharing her travel diaries with bffs in college to partying with her boyfriend during prom, Jhanvi has surely caught the attention of several. However, we have recently found out that Sridevi is not in the least cool with her daughter having a boyfriend.

Here’s a cover on the story.


Sridevi Kapoor and Jhanvi Kapoor (picture courtesy: businessofcinema)

Sridevi has become quite strict with her elder daughter and has also started to give her ground rules. We have heard that Jhanvi is from now onwards not allowed to have any boyfriend or male friends at all. This could be due to the photo Jhanvi’s boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya shared on social media. Although we think it is fair for a mummy to care and be protective about her daughter, it would be engaging to see how Jhanvi reacts to the whole matter. Being a successful star in the industry for years, Sridevi does understand people better than anyone else and wouldn’t want her daughter to get hurt/upset over a boyfriend.