LATEST: Shah Rukh Khan gets slammed by Twitterati for making this comment on women!

Just when we thought Shah Rukh Khan is the only sensible, strong, pro-feminist actor in the film industry, he proved us wrong by posting a comment that is not just bizarre but also disrespectful to a woman’s respect and dignity. His film Dear Zindagi released last Friday and created a buzz because of Gauri Shinde’s brilliant directorial performance. Unfortunately Shah Rukh Khan’s comment on Gauri Shinde  being a woman was not in the least impressive. Scroll down to see what he said!

Shah Rukh Khan (picture courtesy: twitter)

Shah Rukh Khan (picture courtesy: twitter)

“This film is extremely important not only for me but for them, too. I don’t want to sound pro-feminist and say that these girls have made a beautiful film, yaar, but they really have. I’ve always said that I enjoy making films with women. I’m aware that they have this respect towards me, but I haven’t made them feel that way, they were just kind to feel that.”

Twitter was literally on an outrage on seeing this comment. People were NOT happy seeing Shah Rukh’s remarks. Instead, they labelled him as anti-feminist, insensitive and what not.

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