Malaika Arora spotted in Mumbai

It’s not just that she is turning hotter with every passing year, and has become smoulderingly irresistible. The point is that if ageing be like hers, we’d love to age as quickly as possible. Let’s face it, Malaika Arora is the human version of fine wine, and we can’t deny it one bit.


Sometimes, we even feel she literally WAKES UP LIKE THIS, SO GORGEOUS. Malaika Arora is 44, and we really can’t believe our eyes everytime we see her.

Malaika Arora steps out in a white-themed casual attire, replete with white nailpaint

Recently, she was spotted in Mumbai as she walked out of a salon. And the minute she got her hair all done up, we were wondering if she will be bombarded with film offers to play the leading lady.

Malaika Arora photographed stepping out of a salon

That is because she was a complete 10 on 10. Her white off-shoulder puffy dress was like summer kissing goodbye to the city. The actress cum item girl paired her casual outfit with a pair of sporty shoes, black sunglasses and blow-dried brown locks.

Malaika got a wonderful blowout done adding to her chic look

To say that she was effortlessly chic would be a mere understatement. We’d rather say that this lady was drop-dead gorgeous despite going very light on her makeup and flaunting no accessories at all.

Did ya notice those toned legs?
She’s a complete diva

But her unbelievably toned legs and totally aspirational collar bone and shoulder bone just caught our heartbeat. Now, the only thing we can do is either be jealous of this diva and sulk or probably wait to turn 40 plus. Not that anyone else will get the same results as her.

And while she might have been blessed with a good metabolism and stay slim, those curves and toned bod were earned at the gym, while she also keeps her carbs in check with proper diet chart by a pro-nutritionist.

Nailing her casual look effortlessly

Ah! That’s a lot of hardwork. Seems like, this Munni didn’t earn the badnaami so easily.

Malaika, the ageless beauty

Malaika, we adore you. Stay fabulous. The world be your runway, always.



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