Winning Nationa Award by Akshay Kumar for ‘Rustom’ has raised debate over the credibility of Jury who chose the winners. But this is not the first time when the decision came under suspicion, there are many films and actors who faced indignity while winning National Award. Hence Saif Ali Khan is one of them!

Saif Ali Khan got National Award for the Film Hum Tum


You have seen many trolls or Memes on the internet after Akshay’s name come out as a winner of National Award in which you have found other actors also labelled as undeserved for the Award. After hitting Akshay Kumar trollers dragged the Saif in the controversy, they called “If Saif Ali Khan got an award for Hum Tum why not Akshay” finally the actor has opened up about this whole thing and let us tell you that he is NOT at all happy with the trollers!

According to the latest reports in Deccan Chronicle, Saif Ali Khan said, “There has been an uproar about Akshay’s win at the National Awards. Someone joked if I can get National Award for ‘Hum Tum’, it’s okay for Akshay Kumar to win. A lot of people actually think I won for ‘Omkara’, not ‘Hum Tum’. I take a little offence when people joke about my National Award win.” 

On this, miffed Saif said, ” People have been saying that I should give my award back but I don’t agree with that. If someone is unhappy with the institution and wants to return his or her award, it’s great. Maybe it was a publicity thing… I honestly don’t know.”

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