Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput’s baby girl Misha was born on August 26 this year. Needless to say that ever since Misha has arrived, she’s brought about many changes in the lives of her parents as well as grandparents. But here are some changes that we didn’t expect!

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput spotted with Misha at the airport (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

Recently, the couple was spotted at the airport, carrying their baby Misha along. It seemed that both Shahid and Mira are taking Mira out for her first ever vacation, and this will be her first air travel as well. But while the two were spotted at the airport, we noticed some visible differences in their appearance.

For instance, Mira was seen with a rather plumped up face, almost looking it has been extremely swelled up. This was not how she looked even in her post partum (post delivery) stage (see pic below). Mira even didn’t look bright or cheerful at all. While this is another of their ‘firsts’ with their first child, the couple didn’t look one bit excited about their vacay.

Mira Rajput walking out of the hospital after the birth of Misha (Pic Courtesy: indianexpress)

Even Shahid Kapoor has undergone major changes in his appearance. Here’s the shockingly visible difference on his face…
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