Kangana Ranaut's smashing AIB video is turning viral (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Kangana Ranaut is literally dancing on a fire pot. That’s why she’s still burning with revenge against the Roshans. Post the explosive interview at Aap Ki Adaalat, the ‘Queen’ has now starred in a satirical video of AIB (All India Backchod), blowing sarcasm at the myriad facets of Bollywood, keeping (ah…obviously) Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar being the main focus.

The Bollywood Diva Song starring Kangana Ranaut (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/AIB)

Rehashing the lyrics of the famous Jacqueline Fernandez song ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Ve’, the Bollywood Diva Song speaks about everything Bollywood. From humiliating and objectifying young, struggling actresses to praising and idolizing star sons, from short clothes and smaller paycheques of women, to the male lead deciding the film’s dialogues to even its Box Office success – the song has it all.

Here’s the whole 7-minute song. We bet you’ll absolutely love it.

The Hrithik part is the best – wherein a highly satirical Kangana, sings, ‘Papa Ne Tujhko Launch Kiya Re’. Also equally heart-touching are the lines, ‘Bahot dino se carbs nahin khaya re’. There are more reasons than one to adore this song. And off course the chorus, ‘Coz I have vagina re’. This new AIB number also talks about how a Bollywood actress’ career takes the downward path once she’s married, while her unmarried male co-actor goes strong even when he’s too old.

Kangana Ranaut’s comic timing is interesting in the Bollywood Diva Song (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/AIB)

While talking to the media, Tanmay Bhatt of AIB said, “Kangana is a natural at comedy. The best comic actors are always those who are able to take a script and elevate it.” While discussing about how the video may not be gulped down well by the Bollywood folks, he said, “Offense is taken, never given. So who gets offended how and when shouldn’t concern the artistes.”


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