The Uri attacks, besides claiming the lives of 18 Indian jawans and wrecking their families, have also proven to be no less than a hiatus for the film industry of India. Hema Malini is the recent celebrity to have reacted on the issue of banning Pakistani artistes from our country.

Hema Malini has also reacted to the ban on Pak artistes in India (Pic courtesy:

Recently, Hema Malini was at a launch event to promote Kent RO, of which the actress cum BJP MP had been a brand ambassador for years. When she was asked about her view on the ban on Pakistani artistes in India, here’s what she said. “I don’t want to comment much on this controversial question. But all I can say is that we are artistes and so are those who come from there (Pakistan) to perform here,” she told

“As an artiste, I can appreciate their work. But whether they should stay here or not, I can’t comment,” added the actress.

At a time, when Bollywood is reacting strongly on the issue of whether to ban Pak artistes from India or not, a senior actress like Hema Malini was expected to take a stand – either support them or not. But her rather neutral (read diplomatic and politically correct) take on this, has left us surprised and disappointed.

What do you think of her opinion?

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