Ajay Devgan and Nysa (picture courtesy: indiatoday)

Ajay Devgn’s eldest daughter Nysa has been quite upset and angry at her fathers behaviour for quite some time now. The thirteen year old has barely walked into adolescence but it seems like she has high expectations from her father. In a recent interactive session, Devgn sir openly spoke about his relationship with baby Nysa and how he’s trying to makeup for the past.

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Nysa and Ajay Devgan (picture courtesy: indianexpress)
Nysa and Ajay Devgan (picture courtesy: indianexpress)

Because of his hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, Ajay Devgn has not been able to make time for his daughter. The actor was busy travelling to different locations for the shoot of Shivaay and his other projects which left him with very little time for his little one. Nysa was so upset with her dad irresponsible behaviour that she didn’t keep in touch with him for a while.

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