Is Vidya Balan turning old like fine wine or like the leaf of a tree? (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/Twitter)

A few hours ago, Vidya Balan posted a picture of hers on Instagram saying that she had always wanted to pose with a liquor bottle in her hands, repeating the famous Devdas dialogue, “Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ke liye peeta hai?” Keeping Devdas and the dialogue aside, we couldn’t help noticing what happened to this actress.

Vidya Balan posing with a whisky bottle in her hand (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

At a mere age of 38 (for the record, Priyanka is 34, Katrina is 33, and Shilpa Shetty is 42), Vidya is looking like she’s turned 48. The ‘silkness’ in her — that the world discovered a few years ago — is sadly missing, and she’s looking like an older version of the boring Radhika we grew up watching in the telly show ‘Hum Paanch’.

That time of the year…Dabboo's calendar ❤️..and this be my shot ! @DabbooRatnani

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Not so long ago, she was that curvaceous and bold beauty with brains, and her plump body was her USP. She was tagged as the ‘unconventionally sexy’ lady who’s gonna make it big. She was the hope of every girl-next-door who yearned to see her success and prove that heavy women have weight in all the right places.

THE ‘FIGURES’ ARE SAYING IT ALL: Vidya Balan from being curvy and hot to plain overweight and old (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/Twitter)

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But sadly, not anymore. Vidya, ever since her marriage, is not only slowly disappearing from showbiz, her whole appearance too looks like she has distanced herself from the glitz and grandeur of films. At least that’s what her recent Insta uploads are making us feel like. Take a look….


Vidya Balan with filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)


Srijit,Begum Jaan ke liye Mubarak aur Shukriya …????!!

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The biggest blast was when we saw her rubbing shoulders with the eternally graceful Rekha. And believe us (we’re being completely unbiased here), Rekha was looking a lot more younger and youthful as compared to Vidya!

Umrao Jaan aur Begum Jaan ❤??!! @visheshfilms

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We don’t know if it’s work or marriage or anything else that’s taken a toll on her, but all is not too ‘pretty’ good with Mrs Roy Kapur.

Met my favourite iLa ji at the Prithvi Theatre Festival opening ❤️❤️!!

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Workwise, her film ‘Kahaani 2’ and ‘Begum Jaan’ released and left without a whiff at the Box Office. She’s currently wrapped up another film titled ‘Tumhari Sulu’.

Vidya Balan and her desert love (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

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Apart from that, her public appearances too are not getting so talked about, of late. Thanks to her weighty issues, she hasn’t managed to make any headlines for her sartorial choices. Coz more often than not, she’s feeling quite ‘saree’ about herself.

In a banarasi saree from Manish Malhotra's 'regal threads' collection .

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So, here’s a word of unprecedented advice. While looks don’t matter a lot, they do matter slightly. And if one keeps gulping down the ‘sunset’, the sunrises will be hard to chew and life will end up being just a ‘Dirty Picture’.

Vidya Balan posing with the sun (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

As a result, pirated CDs of the film will make more money than the ones in the theatres. Ah! That’s a lot of ‘vidya’ for the day. Rest, she herself knows better about her own ‘Kahaani’.

And see what I found ?!!! ????

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