Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta (picture courtesy: instagram)

Bigg Boss hottie Mandana Karimi had a beautiful wedding a couple months ago. The Iranian beauty who reached the finals of India’s biggest reality TV show got married to her long term boyfriend and businessman Gaurav Gupta not knowing that her relationship with him was going to last for a very short period of time. Mandana not only had to file for divorce but also lodged a case of domestic violence against her ex spouse and his mom. Fresh reports also suggest that her work permit is going to expire in a couple days and her sponsors are not going to help her out this time. We have been told that Mandana wants the court to fast track the proceedings since she wont be in India for a very long time. Scroll down to read full details.

Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta (picture courtesy: atimanraj news)

Mandana happens to be from Iran and she needed work permit to stay in India. Whenever she needed a renewal, Balaji Motion Picture would help her out. In fact, they also helped her get a big deal for Bigg Boss. But now that she’s quit working, nobody is present to support. Therefore Mandana needs the court to help her a little so that the proceedings can be done as soon as possible.

Mandana also told the press that she was thrown out of her matrimonial house several weeks back and she was living in an apartment on her own. Her ex husband has completely cut her off and despite trying to reconcile, she’s not getting any good response. Mandana is also demanding a maintenance of 10 lakhs for her basic needs and around Rs 2 crore for the agony and trauma that she’s going through.

Although we aren’t sure of what will happen with Mandana in the next couple days, we sure do hope it works out in her favour. Also, we will really miss seeing that bubbly, smiling face on TV. On that note, check out one of her interviews.

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