Preity Zinta (picture courtesy: mtvindia)

Preity Zinta happens to be one of the most beautiful yet talented and bold actresses in Bollywood. She might have been inactive for a while but people still remember her for her charming face, her beautiful personality and an acting talent that nobody can replace. While catching up with her during a recent interview, the gutsy Miss Zinta who recently got married gave away some really shocking details about herself. Since the topic was about women’s safety, Miss Zinta spoke about her encounter with molesters as a young girl. What happened next was shocking. Scroll down to find out.

Preity Zinta (picture courtesy: filmibeat)

While talking about the sort of people she met in Delhi, Preity said “So, in school I went to girl school, there is no eve teasing and all there. There were only Eves. But yes, when I went to Delhi, Yes! I’ve got my butt pinched…and I was that, you know pink cheeks, very light skin and everybody would be like ooh and then they’d try to tease me and stuff. And then I slapped a couple guys here and there. And then I think one day my brother told me, you are going to get killed, don’t get into all this and then I moved to Mumbai and Mumbai was great,”

Seems like Preity like every other normal girl has experienced quite a few molesters but how she dealt with them is definitely something all women should learn from. Take a look at one of her old interviews with Shah Rukh Khan!

Old interview of Shah Rukh Khan with Real Preity Zinta about spending time with kids.

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