Bollywood actress and well known supermodel Lisa Haydon has dropped our jaws quite recently with a photo she posted recently. The 36 year old who married businessman Dino Lalwani in Thailand revealed something really shocking about her marriage and we just cant believe it has happened already.

Humble beginnings ???

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Lisa, for your information, is pregnant. And damn! Doesn’t she look beautiful? Lisa flaunted her gorgeous baby bump in a bikini that too in this picturesque background we just cant take our eyes off. Also she added a caption which said ‘humble beginnings’. Now you can definitely tell how happy she is right now. Dino and her entire family must be really excited and pumped up for their arrival. We wish the couple the best!

Career wise, Lisa is doing pretty well. She’s done with popular web series called The Trip and has a few assignments due as well. However, it has been said that Lisa will not be taking up anything major for the next one year as she wants to focus on her baby exclusively.