Priyanka Chopra and the story of her nose (Pic Courtesy: instagram/pinkvilla)

Priyanka Chopra is one helluva gorgeous girl. This ‘Daddy’s Lil daughter’ has gone places and we all know it. With a huge fan following in both Hollywood and Bollywood, Pee Cee has literally painted (not just a town, but) the whole world red.

I go where my soul takes me.. #sleeplessnights

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Above is how she looks when she posts a selfie with her makeup on, and her crimson coloured pout is highlighted beautifully. And below is how this global beauty looks when she does not powder her nose, and prefers a makeup free look.

Priyanka Chopra met the Syrian refugees recently (Pic Courtesy: pinkvilla)

As the actress is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she was recently in Jordan to visit Syrian refugees and children who are taking solace in the country. While we are all for feminism and don’t believe in objectifying women anywhere in the world, we just couldn’t help notice Pee Cee’s nose that looked strange as she interacted with the children in Jordan.

Priyanka Chopra in a no-makeup look as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (Pic Courtesy: pinkvilla)

Did you notice how her nose is unbelievably thick near the eyebrows? And those tiny bumps on the middle of the nose. And how all of this hardly ever shows up when she posts photos on Instagram.

Here’s the real deal. Pee Cee’s original nose is pretty thick and not-so-shapely. To get an idea of how her nose looked originally, take a quick look at her brother Sidharth Chopra’s picture, and you’ll know what we’re reminding you of. Priyanka got it shaped up, but the ‘job’ needs some powdering too. And below is how she looks on days she goes au naturale.

Pee Cee in Jordan during an interactive session with the child refugees (Pic Courtesy; pinkvilla)

Long, short, thick or sleek, Whatever is the shape of her nose, we love Pee Cee.

Here’s one of the videos she has posted wherein Pee Cee is seen spending time with the Syrian refugees…

Today was very emotional. As we go about our daily privileged lives, it’s hard to imagine that everything can be taken from you in an moment. Today we spent the day in a host community meeting Syrian refugee families (like this one) so desperately seeking a safe place of normalcy for their families. More than 80% of the Syrian refugees in Jordan live outside refugee camps in cities, urban centers and farming villages (host communities.) Amman hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees, about 180,000 people. Refugee families in host communities have limited livelihood opportunities, and after 6 years, have depleted their savings and borrowed money from everywhere to feed and support their families. @unicef #ChildrenUprooted #TheyAreUs

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