Parineeti Chopra recalled how she had very less privileges in her school days (Pic Courtesy: cosmopolitan/twitter)

Around last week, MovieReviewPreview published Parineeti Chopra’s interview wherein she confessed her struggling days as a school girl with less money and privileges. The actress spoke about her life at the ‘Women Self Defence Graduation Day’ event in Mumbai, where she was present along with Akshay Kumar. It was during this event that she turned emotional and began to say to the fresh graduates that they should not take anything for granted.

Parineeti’s classmate Kkanoo Gupta has lashed out her on Facebook (Pic Courtesy: facebook)

“I used to cycle my way to the school as we did not have the money to buy a car. My father used to be on his cycle at a few steps away from me only to ensure that none of the boys tease me. There used to be a time when the boys used to tease me and even lift my skirt up. I always hated my parents for sending me to school on a cycle, to which they used to reply that they wanted me to be strong,” she was quoted as saying.

As Parineeti’s revelations shocked everyone and turned into yet another viral piece on social media, one of her ex-classmates from school — named Kkanoo Gupta — IS NOW CLAIMING THAT PARINEETI IS LYING THROUGH HER TEETH about her school days.

NEXT SLIDE – Kkanoo Gupta’s Facebook post might land Parineeti in huge embarrassment….