PHOTOS: 6 biggest fashion disasters in the history of Bollywood!

Bollywood has changed its fashion over the years. From wearing LED lights to the most weird colour combinations, our stars have done so much to look bright and illustrious on camera. Some of them have actually flaunted their bad fashion sense with the expressions of a confident looking diva. Would you like to know who these 7 celebrities are? Take a look down below.

Zareen Khan (picture courtesy: daily Bhaskar)

Zareen Khan (picture courtesy: daily Bhaskar)

The prettiest actress in Bollywood who is often been compared to stars like Katrina Kaif, Zareen Khan is certainly a reigning diva in the film industry. Unfortunately, her clothes are not as dashing as herself. A couple of years ago the actress was spotted at an event wearing a transparent shirt with a skirt that looked way over the top. Of course there is nothing wrong with showing your bra but there is certainly a way to do it.

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