PHOTOS: Mallika Sherawat FAKED her Paris attack for publicity! Here’s proof!

Recently we heard of Mallika Sherawat who was apparently ambushed by a bunch of masked attackers in the city of Paris. The Bollywood actress who lives with her French husband was returning home when suddenly a bunch of people tear gassed and hit the actress brutally. News was spread all over social media that Mallika was shocked and extremely hurt over the matter. But from what we have heard JUST NOW, it seems that all of this was a complete lie and done on purpose for some publicity.

Mallika Sherawat (picture courtesy: twitter)

Mallika Sherawat (picture courtesy: twitter)

This was a photo posted by Mallika on the 15th of November on Twitter where she was apparently holidaying with her husband. When someone has been beaten up brutally, how is it even possible to look this fresh and perfectly fine on a holiday, that too just three days later.

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