This is how Bollywood celebs treat beggars (Pic Courtesy: boc/

Handsome is what handsome does. Often a person’s true personality reflects in his actions in the daily walks of life. Same goes for celebrities. Here’s what they have been spotted doing when they bump into beggars on the streets of Mumbai.

1. MALAIKA ARORA was stopped by a beggar lady while she was stepping out of a restaurant in Bandra. The actress reportedly avoided the charity the beggar would have expected by saying that she’s not carrying her wallet.

Malaika Arora being approached by a beggar (Pic Courtesy:

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2. Dangal girls FATIMA SANA SHAIKH and SANYA MALHOTRA were stepping out of a plush Bandra resto-bar when they were surrounded by a bunch of beggars who asked them for a photo-op. The young girls were polite enough to stop and pose for pictures with them.

Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra posing with a few street beggars (Pic Courtesy:

3. When SHAH RUKH KHAN was approached by a huge crowd of beggars, when he walked out of his car, the actor immediately asked him team to arrange proper food for all of them and obliged them with his kindness.

Shah Rukh Khan showing his kindness to a few beggars on the street (Pic Courtesy:

4. SALMAN KHAN is the biggest philanthropist when it comes to charity and kindness in the daily walks of life. Whenever Salman bumps into anyone who is needy, he is often seen doling out a lot of money to them.

Salman Khan giving some money to the beggars who approached him (Pic Courtesy:

After helping them with some cash, Salman Khan also obliges them by warm hugs. He was truly born to help the world. It’s as if he can’t turn his back to anyone who seeks his help. That’s true charity, no?


Salman Khan obliging the needy (Pic Courtesy:

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Iulia Vantur being approached for some help (Pic Courtesy:

5. IULIA VANTUR is quite like her rumoured beau when it comes to those seeking help. Once, when Iulia was stepping out of a restaurant, a lady approached her. Iulia helped her with some money so that she can buy dinner for her and her family.

Zayed Khan dealing with a bunch of needy children (Pic Courtesy:

6. ZAYED KHAN has always been kind to beggars. Once he was spotted giving away some cash to them while he was taking an exit from a bash in Mumbai. And on another occasion, a few beggars bumped into him while he left from his home. The actor was kind to them even then, and even lifted one of the little girls in his lap and showered her with kisses.

Kind and courteous Zayed Khan with roadside beggars (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

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