Hollywood actress and our desi babe Priyanka Chopra is getting into crazy trouble these days with her country. The last time people dissed her for showing off her legs in front of Narendra Modi during an interview and now it’s the Indian flag she used as a scarf around the neck. On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, Pee Cee went ahead and expressed love for her country by wearing the flag like a dupatta. Although her intention seemed great, people misconstrued her actions once again and slammed her on social media mercilessly. Take a look at some of the most ridiculous comment we saw.

Reactions to Priyanka Chopra’s Independence Day post (picture courtesy: instagram)

As you can tell, some of the comments are really shameful. Some people really dont think before saying things.

Reactions to Priyanka Chopra’s Independence Day post (picture courtesy: instagram)

Now Priyanka has done nothing over the top. If you take a look at the video down below, you’d realise she’s simply showing off the Indian flag. And our desi girl looks really nice while doing so. Everyone’s going their own way of doing things and so does the actress and just because she’s done it differently, doesn’t mean it was disrespectful. In fact by the spark in her eyes, you can tell how much she loves and respects her country.

Independence Day #Vibes ??#MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind

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However, there were some who understood that Priyanka’s move was nothing offensive and over the top. They supported her move and understood the cause as well. Some of the comments were completely in her favour.  “Y everyone is trolling here just because she wore tricolor dupatta. Guy just look around u , school girls n college girls wear tricolor salwar kameez for years on this occasion n we never questioned their love for country. Stop judging here because u can’t reach where she is today. Making her nation proud on global platform. Love u PC” said one of her supporters. Others also joined in saying there was nothing wrong with it