Priyanka Chopra (picture courtesy: filmibeat)

Although IIFA 2017 was a grand success, we still missed seeing some of the best Bollywood celebs. Priyanka Chopra definitely tops our list because who doesn’t want to see our desi girl rock the screen? After all, ever since she became a Hollywood sensation, Pee Cee has hardly attended any Bollywood related event. The actress also maintained that she will be heading to Mumbai to spend time with her family instead of going for IIFA this year. But from our latest reports, it turns out that Priyanka wanted to come to the show but the IIFA people didn’t really let her. Find out how.

Priyanka Chopra performing for IIFA 2016 (picture courtesy: youtube)

Priyanka was busy shooting with Isn’t it Romantic in New York after which she joined her family in Maldives where she planned on bringing on her birthday. News tell us that she was approached by IIFA to attend this year’s award show but the actress couldn’t make it because she put forward a price they couldn’t accept. There was a budget set by the team and they felt Pee Cee’s charges were way too much. Therefore, they decided to get rid of Pee Cee’s invitation and focus on other invitations for the award show. As a result of this, Priyanka unwillingly didn’t make it for IIFA.

Pee Cee is still enjoying her time though. She’s vacationing with her family, is spending time with her pets and has quite a few photos flooded on social media too. Her career is also filled with projects and offers one after the other. As a result, the media keeps wanting to see more of the actress and take more interviews with her. Take a look at the latest one she attended.