Radhe Maa dancing (picture courtesy: rvcj)

After a very long time, Radhe Maa has once again made headlines and this time it’s for a reason far more disgusting than you can imagine. Radhe Maa who is a self proclaimed Godwoman was exposed by the media and some of her opponents saying that she is not as real as she tries to portray itself. Now she’s being criticised for this video where a male devotee of hers picks her up and dances explicitly. The look is so disgusting that we swear you will feel like cringing right after. Scroll down to take a look at it.

Radhe Maa dancing with a male devotee (picture courtesy: emit post)

Radhe Maa was too moving in an indecent manner which completely took us by shock. This isnt the first time we have seen the young lady dance with her devotees. She has done them before too. Often her devotees, especially male pick her up. Apparently, it is a form of worship. Here’s the video you were waiting for.


For those of you who don’t know, Radhe Maa is considered as cultist leader. She originally hails from the North of India and is 52 years old. Radhe Maa must be on some beauty therapy because she sure does look 20 years younger than her age shown on Wikipedia.