Ranveer Singh FINALLY breaks silence on his latest controversial ad with Jack and Jones!

Bollywood celebrity and actor Ranveer Singh is making headlines almost every day these days. With his movie Befikre releasing very soon, the celeb has definitely proved that being serious about anything is certainly not his thing. The last advertisement he featured in was not only regarded as sexist and derogatory but also put him in a bad light. After all, he was seen carrying a girl who was referred to as ‘work’ on the banner.

Ranveer Singh (picture courtesy: indianexpress)

Ranveer Singh (picture courtesy: indianexpress)

However, Ranveer recently decided to react to the whole matter in a latest interview that left us surprised. Like we had expected, most of the statement talks about how much he respects women and that he is willing to do anything to protect them. The last thing Ranveer wants to do is hold women down. It reads as follows:

“It was important to give the brand creative freedom while designing the campaign, but I guess we got to wrong on one of those billboards and I am sorry this happened but it’s a thing of the past. We rectified it immediately by having that hoarding taken down ASAP from everywhere over 30 cities overnight. I treat all women with the utmost respect both professionally and personally and would never do anything to disrespect them”