Nowadays, an actress name Sneha Ullal is going around on the internet as she kept missing from the films since 4 years. Sneha is prominently known for her acting in Lucky: No time for love in the year 2005 with Salman Khan but afterwards gained no popularity despite acting in other regional films. However, Sneha Ullal went missing from the industry due to her illness as she revealed in a recent interview that she wasn’t able to act in the films due to ‘Auto-immune disorder’

As sources said, she was suffering from ‘Auto-immune disorder.’ She also informed in an interview to Hyderabad times about the illness. She said ‘It’s a blood-related illness where your own immune system makes you unwell. She was not able to stand properly for more than 30 minutes. Because of this, she was away from the industry for about four years. But now she is back.

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She said, “It’s not her second inning as she never left the industry. According to her, a comeback is when you intentionally leave the industry and later try to come back. But it’s not the same thing in her case. Meanwhile, it is also said that Salman Khan introduced her in the film as she resembles Aishwarya Rai. Talking about her work front the actress has also said that ‘Many people asked me to take help from Salman Khan to get an offer in the films but I didn’t as my friendship with him is more important than the professional front.’

Here’s what the actress is saying about her relationship with Salman Khan is intriguing!