Arbaaz Khan blaming Malaika Arora for ruining Arhaan's future? (Pic Courtesy: indieimages)

Arbaaz Khan recently attended an event where he made a statement that sounded kind of an indirect accusation at his (now ex) wife Malaika Arora. The actor-producer was discussing how he is quite concerned about the impressionable mind of his 14-year-old son Arhaan Khan, and the impact of his parents’ unprecedented separation on him.

Malaika Arora with Arbaaz Khan and son Arhaan Khan (Pic Courtesy: indianexpress)

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“I look at my scenario as my personal scenario. I have a 14-year-old boy right now who, unfortunately, has seen his parents split for whatever reason. He needs the right guidance and the right attention for which if I have to maintain a certain amount of decorum in my family then it will be done,” Arbaaz said in a recent interview.

Was Arbaaz Khan lashing out at Malaika Arora indirectly? (Pic Courtesy: celebsandcinema)

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For the uninitiated, it was Malaika who initiated as well as demanded the divorce. Arbaaz, however, gave in to her appeal for separation. Hence, somewhere deep down inside, perhaps he feels that his son may have to pay the price of going through a stress in his family as a young teenager with a sensitive mind.

Arbaaz Khan with son Arhaan and Malaika Arora (Pic Courtesy: celebsandcinema)

But then, Arbaaz also knows how to keep his statements safe, by concluding his interview like this — “I have a very good relationship with Malaika and her family, and it will continue to remain that way and my son is my priority and I would do anything to see that situation is maintained, apart from that there is nothing else to ask.”

Malaika Arora sees Arbaaz’s reflection in her son Arhaan
(Pic Courtesy: businessofcinema)

As for Malaika, recently, we saw how she was super enthusiastic and deeply involved in Arbaaz Khan’s midnight birthday celebrations (though it was post their divorce), and even attended his bash. Perhaps she is trying her best to have her son experience the best of both – his mother and father.


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