Salman Khan has stated officially that marriage is a pure waste of money (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/facebook)

We didn’t know that Aamir Khan’s famous song from PK is the real story of Salman Khan’s life. “Love is a waste of time…ee love ees waste of time…” is what Salman Khan is swearing by when it comes to personal life, relationships and marriage. Here is the complete statement of the Tubelight actor.

Around two decades ago, Salman Khan was about to tie the knot with his girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani. The cards were also printed, but Sangeeta called off the wedding at the last minute. There’s a huge contrast from Salman at that time, a budding actor who wanted to get married, and now, a superstar — having dated many women — but does not believe in love at all.

Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani were about to get married many years ago (Pic Courtesy: instagram/bollywoodshaadis)

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In an interview to a daily, the Dabangg star was quoted as saying that, “I don’t believe in love at all. I even do not believe that there’s any reason for the word ‘love’ to exist. The real thing which exists is ‘need’. And that depends on whose need is more out of the two people involved. For instance, your girlfriend may need you at some point in life, and later, she may not need you at all. This scenario may also turn the other way round, when you don’t need her sometimes. What is required is that the need of both the persons has got to be equal at all times. Which may or may not happen. So, ‘love’ is, essentially, need.”

Salman Khan with Katrina Kaif at the IIFA awards press conference (Pic Courtesy:


He added in the same candid chat, “When the media questions me about marriage, it’s not that they are concerned about me or my personal life. They just want to print a story. As For me, I think marriage is a waste of money! Whenever you meet a person, they always ensure to show their best side. Later, both the partners get to know each others’ flaws. Then the whole question arises whether will be we able to live with that persons’ flaws for the rest of our lives?”

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Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)


So, how come a rich actor – who also runs his businesses – says marriage is a waste of time, we feel? Here’s what he has replied, especially as Forbes listed him as one of the highest paid entertainers. “How the hell does Forbes know ki mere kharche kitne hain? Each time my lawyers make appearances in the court for me, they charge a whopping amount which is at times more than what I actually earn.”


We actors make about 10 appearances in a year? But my lawyers make about 70-80 appearances in a year! Shah Rukh Khan and I were discussing recently about this, “Yeh kya (Forbes’ list) hai? Always, we both fall short of money to buy this or that…” I haven’t been able to buy my own bungalow yet. Earlier, I used to fall short by a few lakhs. Later, it turned into a crore, then few, and now I am short of many crores to buy my own house. And then this Forbes’ list!”

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