Looks like Salman Khan’s loyal bodyguard is in major trouble. The young man who calls himself Shera has been accused of assaulting a man, breaking his collar bone last night during an argument. It has also been said that Shera lost his mind and threatened the guy with a gun. The matter has been reported in Mumbai’s DN Nagar Police Station and as far as we know, he will be arrested in just a bit.

Salman Khan and his bodyguard Shera (picture courtesy: indiatimes)

The complaint suggests that the incident took place at around 2:30 in the morning. It was an argument between the victim and Shera that led to such a shocking assault. Apparently the guy was so angry and agitated that he also broke his collar bone without thinking twice. Shera has been working for the Khan family for over 18 years now. The two share great rapport and are pals too. In fact, Salman has walked in several times with Shera during special events and are spotted together many times. Seeing Salman’s reaction to this one would definitely be worth it!

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