Nowadays, Sanju Dada is quite excited for his upcoming film Bhoomi directed by Omung Kumar which has recently caused a massive turmoil in shooting site, things went so ugly that a Complaint filed against Sanjay Dutt for his act against Media persons.

Image Source: India Samvad

The incident goes thus, the actor was shooting a scene near the Taj Mahal which is indeed a prominent place for visitors across India. Now the adjacent VIP road was allegedly blocked from public use while the shooting was running and things started getting chaotic.

Meanwhile, when Media reached to catch the issue Sanjay Dutt ordered his guards to ask them to leave and even use force if they resist. Soon all hell broke lose when bodyguards started attacking Media persons that become so horrible when fighters and reporters broke into a physical fight. Not only this, five of the reporters got grievously injured and some had tried to capture the incident on their camera.

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