Maanayata Dutt and her love of flaunting legs (Pic Courtesy: instagram/maanayata)

Sanjay Dutt’s better half Maanayata Dutt was reportedly gloomy the whole of 2015, and apparently, the lost sheen of her face returned in February 2016 when her husband walked free from Pune’s Yerwada Jail. Maanayata was the talk of social media recently, as her swimsuit game was on point and she showed her unseen side during her French vacay.

Maanayata Dutt is glowing during her ongoing holiday, and is radiating happiness and contentment beyond compare. Did you notice how she loves to flaunt her legs? We just did while checking out her red swimsuit pic, and realised that she needs a lesson or two on that thing called ‘aesthetics’.

Coz while there’s nothing wrong in opening your legs wide and being too sassy, we feel there’s a very thin line between sass and grace – and those lines should more often than not, meet each other, and not be east and west.  Got what we mean? If not, these pics will explain.

Maanayata Dutt during her current vacay with family (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

We live in a democracy and everyone has the right to sit or stand or walk the way they like, but we think a fashionista like her must sit in a way that adds to her beauty and not hinder it in any way possible.

Also, she’s become an avid instagrammer these days. And has been gleefully sharing all her updates. And yes, we are indeed loving the way she experiments with her clothes, ranging from middie dresses to tunics to hot pants – she indeed is a living example of a yummy mummy.

Just that Mrs Dutt needs to know what should be shared on Insta and what should rather stay in her smartphone only for personal viewing (nopes, we ain’t getting personal at all. It’s just sort of a constructive criticism).

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For instance, the cat bun does not add to her beauty…. (see pic below)

Neither does this pic with the towel curled up on her hair. Concluding it in Sanjay Dutt’s style —
‘Boley toh baaki sab ekdum mast hai re baba. Bas, saari photos Insta pe nahin daalne ka re.’

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