“Marks don’t matter if you are hardworking enough and know your aim in life,”  reads Delhi University’s online FB page who has just delivered the highest shock on the internet while sharing SRK’s 10th standard mark sheet which revealed his performance in the subject English.

The form that was shared on Delhi University’s Facebook page, has claimed that Shah Rukh Khan had scored 51 marks in class 10 in English subject. However,  the superstar’s low marks in the subject have kickstarted many reactions from all over. One student wrote, “This proves that my English is better than Shah Rukh’s …haha.”

“We shared it online to showcase that marks don’t matter if you are hardworking enough and know your aim in life. And, who can be a better person to set an example than Shah Rukh Khan? Through our portal, we encourage students. Also, celebrity posts attract a lot of traffic and students tend to talk about them more. When it’s the King of Bollywood, traffic is a must,” Milhaj told Hindustan Times. Furthermore, it not the first time when SRK’s education documents surfaced on the internet. A few months ago the actor’s admission form was also circulated on social media. Here’s how people reacting over his marks.

Comments on that particular FB update have been pouring endlessly….


Who knew that once this student with a mere 51% in English, would be delivering such an inspirational speech at the TED Talk recently. Not to forget his unflinchingly fluent English. Marks are not a reflection of your caliber, we now know. Take a look at this video of SRK….