Salman Khan
Salman Khan was the first choice for Dwarf. Image Source; Youtube

Before the Shahrukh Khan, Anand L Rai’s first choice for Dwarf is Salman Khan that hadn’t become true after the advanced talk between the Director and Salman. Reasons for not the things materialise is best known to the two of them as Shahrukh Khan revealed in an interview that Salman Khan was the first actor who gets offered the role. He said “He is very kind. This (role) was written a long time back in the film, from the first narration onwards. Salman had also heard the script, I think Anand wanted to make the film with him at one time. They didn’t have the time, things didn’t work out and VFX wasn’t ready.”

Salman Khan
Shahrukh Khan revealed Salman Khan was the first choice for Dwarf. Image Source; India.Com

Initially, there were lots of speculations that Salman Khan backing out from the project but nothing has been confirmed from the Duo, Anand and Salman. A few months later, the story of the film has been narrated to Shahrukh Khan to which the actor immediately respond and gave his nod to play a dwarf in the film. SRK also says that the film would take a little longer time owing to the never seen before visual effects. The actor is playing Dwarf’s role in the film.

Salman Khan
From the set of Anand L ai’s Dwarf. Image Source; InUth

However, Salman Khan is playing himself in the film, ie, Superstar to which he has just completed his shots. Remember we informed you that SRK gifts an expensive car to the actor for doing a cameo in his film?

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