No doubt, Kangana Ranaut is a controversy favourite child in B-Town as she always engaged in hot gossips running around the industry. But this time her upcoming film Simran’s writer has put serious allegation on her that the actress has snatched the hard work of a writer. Recently, Apurva Asrani, the writer of Simran has debunked Kangana Ranaut’s claim of converting her upcoming film Simran from a one-line screenplay to a full-fledged story.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Apurva said director Hansal Mehta sent him a news article of a woman in the US who crossed the line of the law, he decided to develop it into a fun film.

Apurva said he went through nine drafts to develop the story of the film and during the process, there was no communication that Kangana didn’t like the tone or direction of the script. The writer claims he was not even informed about Kangana getting the ‘additional story and dialogue writer’ credit initially. Apurva says “it was after we finished the first cut of the film that Hansal called him to meet and said nervously that Kangana is turning director and therefore has demanded a co-writer credit.” The writer said he threw a fit as he felt “shocked and betrayed” by the turn of the event and refused to give in.

Image Source: Business Line

He further added “For two months, he (Hansal) and his co-producer Shailesh tried to arm twist me into giving her a co-writer credit. I finally gave into an additional writing credit, but only because they claimed their film would be stuck if I didn’t do so. But I refused to give her a co-writer credit, and we signed a letter where they promised me the same,”

Kangana in Simran

Apurva said he has always supported Kangana in her fight against the system but is taken aback by what she did on Simran. “Today, not only do I see her credit before mine on the poster (which I had decided not to fight), but I also saw Kangana on her ‘Facebook Live’ event yesterday claiming that she had written the film (with Hansal) from a one-line he gave her.

Here’s what senior journalist and the public says about this whole controversy!