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SS Rajamouli and Sridevi over Shivgami Role

Nowadays, Sridevi highlighted for all the wrong reasons, first, to not go with Jhanvi’s Bollywood career and next is rejecting Sivgami’s role in Baahubali. Those who are not yet updated with her act, Sridevi was first offered to play the role of Sivgami who later was played by Ramya and SS Rajamouli revealed in his interview that Sridevi demanded out of the budget. This revelation marked the NEGATIVE spot on Sridevi’s image, thus, she came out to clear the air!

Sridevi in Puli Movie

While talking to a Telugu channel, she spilt beans on the controversy, clearly expressing displeasure over what SS Rajamouli said about dropping her from the film. She started, ” “I have avoided talking about it for a long time. But, once and for all, I want to clear the air. There are rumours that I asked about Rs 10 crore for the role, including an entire floor in a hotel and 10 flight tickets etc.”

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Further, she continued, ” I have been in the industry for about 50 years and acted in more than 300 films. Do you think I could have accomplished all of this by making such demands? People in the industry would have sent me packing if I was like that. But, when you hear such things about yourself, you really get hurt. I don’t know if the producer wrongly told Rajamouli that I made all these demands or there could have been some miscommunication. I think it is not in good taste to speak on a public platform like this.”

Sridevi on the Baahubali 2
Sridevi and Ramya Krishnan (Image Source: Tamildhool.Com)

Sridevi further said, ” I never took anything about this matter to the heart. But, I saw a Rajamouli interview and I was shocked and hurt by it. I have heard about Rajamouli, he is a calm and dignified person. I have seen his movie Eega and was very happy to work with him. He is a great technician but the way he spoke about the issue made me feel very sad.”

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