Salman Khan might have earned himself the reputation of an immensely angry young man, but deep inside, he’s an extremely simple human being. More than ‘Being Human’, he is often ‘Being Down-to-earth’ and it reflects in the way he approaches Twitter.

For instance, sometimes one can’t understand what he really types on his social media platform, but we do get the underlying feeling behind those usage of words. Not something a Grammar Nazi will appreciate. But only a true Bollywood and Salman lover will know that he’s just ‘Bhai’, and he can be ridiculously hilarious.

For you see, he’s never been that kind of an actor — with excellent PR skills — who would have a professional team sit down to handle his social media pages. He is just being himself when he’s chatting with his fans. Check out how he has been the same in all these years. Here’s a look back at some of his most interesting tweets…

1. So, when he says in his current interview that he doesn’t believe in love, we think his views have come a long way…

2. He was always Dabangg, ready for packing a punch right in your face even before you know it is coming.

3. This one was perhaps dedicated to all Mumbaikars, since it is in Marathi. And Salman even got many replies from obliged Marathis.

4. When Salman looks into something, he is deeply observant. Perhaps even more than the Biology Students. Medical Science just lost his talent to Bollywood.

5. Okay, now we know the origin of the song ‘Jug Ghoomeya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi’…

6. If you need some pep talk during your nightmarish exam season, click into his tweets, and the daily laughter dose is done.

7. How Patriotic is Salman…. You can guess by this tweet…

8. If that didn’t convince you, this tweet definitely will, about his patriotic feelings.

9. Sometimes what we say is used against us. And in Salman’s case, this sentence is deadly. It’s almost like ‘pleading guilty’, no?

10. Nobody dare mess with Salman, yes we agree. Only in this case, who that ‘nobody’ is, we don’t know.

11. And in case you couldn’t figure out the real meaning of any of his tweets so far, this is almost like a personalised one for you!

12. Or you got really bugged by his random ramblings, this one again is cut out for you….