To be able to live the life of a superstar is like a dream. More often than not, we presume that our Bollywood stars have a lifestyle which is larger-than-life, luxuries we can only sigh at, designer wear, healthy diet, lavish bungalows and cars bigger than our homes. Which is true, but that hardly guarantees them a perfect life. To our surprise, many A-list Bollywood stars have suffered many health problems that most of us don’t even know about. Here are a few of them…

Hrithik waves at his fans as he steps out of a Mumbai hospital post his brain surgery (pic courtesy: indiatimes)

1. HRITHIK ROSHAN – BRAIN INJURY : Around 4 years ago, during the shooting of ‘Bang Bang’, Hrithik suddenly suffered from an unbearable headache on the sets. He was rushed to the doctor. And that is when he got to know he was suffering from Chronic Subdural Haematoma. It’s an injury in the brain that leads to atrociously painful headaches too. In 2013, Hrithik even underwent a surgery for the same. As a child, Hrithik was so shy that he even stammered in front of people!