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Kangana Ranaut whom we’re calling Bollywood queen and a badass lady of B-town is turning 30 today. It was still 2000’s when Gangster starring Kangana Ranaut opposite of Imran Hashmi came and everyone saw Kangana doing the role of a woman caught in the web of sex, love and deceit. Like many new actresses who entered as an outsider in the industry, Gangster could be proved one of her last films but she worked hard to becoming highest paid actress in Bollywood. However, we have listened her many times to making annoying statements against her co-stars, Directors and Khans perhaps these 7  people who will never work again with Kangana Ranaut.

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1.)Shahrukh Khan : Might be you’re wondering Why we mention SRK’s name at the top of this list, so the reason is SRK has recently called off a project in which Kangana was also associated. According to report carried out by Business Of Cinema, Shah Rukh Khan might have rejected the film starring Kangana. Reportedly, Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted to do a film with SRK and Kangana but unfortunately, he rejected to work with her. It is being said that SRK was irked with Kangana’s latest statement in KWK season 5 where she was asked as to who among the Khan trio she wanted to work with, and Kangana being as fiery as she is, was quick to say – “None.”