Twinkle Khanna aka Funny Bones just saw Baahubali: The Conclusion and she come out with a tweet on KATTAPPA which went wrong while addressing. The magnum opus film has got several reviews and despite releasing films like Meri Pyari Bindu and Sarkaar 3 Baahubali still dominating the cinema. However, the actress who touched every issue trending on the internet has not left Baahuali2 especially Kattappa!

Image source: India Today

As keen to make her entry ironically Twinkle while posting a tweet has been maintained the tone ““Saw Baahubali & I’ve been calling my daughter Kattappa much to her dad’s annoyance-Perhaps he would prefer her being called Rowdy instead” Furthermore, she has tweeted until she got reply from the person whom with she has done BLUNDER.

While many of us are updated with her writing style and here she tweeted again on being expressing happiness through the film.

Sathayraj’s (Kattappa) son Sibi retweeted Twinkle’s tweet and expressed his honour!

But Twinkle thought that Sibi is the actor who played Kattappa on-screen and replied while tagging him, “Sir you were marvellous -we have seen part 1 and 2 in succession today -congratulations on the resounding success.”

Sibi replied back telling Twinkle that he is not the actor and tweeted this!

Later, Twinkle admitting her mistake and ended up while saying All The Best!

Here are some Twinkle Khanna’s exclusive pictures!