Malaika Arora left slightly less to imagination at this recent event

Let’s agree Malaika Arora, despite being at a staggering 44-years of age, can give any young Bollywood newbie tons of nightmares, thanks to her fitter-than-fit bod and absolutely amazing curves. Hers is a hot bod many female celebs envy, and many men (we are damn sure) fantasize about (no objectification of women here, this is just a plain compliment, mind  you).

A gorgeous Malaika Arora at the event

Recently, this gorgeous beauty was present at an event wherein she was dressed in a white body hugging, knee-length dress, which had  a dangerously low neckline. So much so that she had to be conscious about it whenever she would bend even a little.

Malaika Arora running her fingers through her hair strands

But then, they say when you’ve got it, you must flaunt it. We’ve always been in the favour of women (and for that matter, everyone) living their life the way they want to. And Malaika totally belongs to that section of people who’d never give up anything just for the societal norms of ‘Log Kya Kahengein’?

Malaika with her famous hourglass figure

And don’t we just love her for that. After a few seconds of conscious bending and sitting postures, Malaika was her usual breezy self with a confidence that is like the fizz in a shaken soda bottle — popping out like there’s no bottle.

Malaika being her irresistible self

Malaika’s awesomely toned bod is worth every bit of praise. Be it the smooth and sleek arms, the abs, the curves and even the perfectly bronzed legs, not to forget the protruding collar bone.

Malaika Arora smiling at the cameras

Malaika’s makeup game too is always on point. We’ve never seen her overdoing it, or even looking a bit too au naturale. Her makeup and hair is always suited to the occasion. For a white dress, she opted for super sleek and straight hair, subtle smokey eyes, with an oxbloodish tint on the lips, no accessories but a hint of white on her nails.

Malaika’s superb bod is the reason for every girl’s envy

Needless to say, we like every look of hers. And that lip color is exactly the color of wine. And we love this lady who’s the perfect example of fine wine. Keep it going, lady.


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