Manseng shot a video wherein he's lip syncing to Tiger's song (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)
Tiger Shroff’s doppleganger is popular on the internet (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Tiger Shroff has a doppleganger and he has become hot property on the world wide web recently. A couple of months ago, a short video of a young boy has taken the social media by storm, thanks to his unbelievable resemblance to Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff.


As per reports, this lookalike’s name is Manseng, and this guy is from a place called Rongram, West Garo Hills District in the state of Meghalaya. Not only is he a lookalike, he’s a proud one. That is because – call it a coincidence – he is also a huge fan of the actor. Owing to his looks and body, Manseng Sangma, being a diehard fan, one day, decided to pose like his idol and even walk and talk like him.

Manseng shot a video wherein he’s lip syncing to Tiger’s song (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

In the video, Manseng even lip synced to Tiger’s songs. And he did that in such a way that many people gathered to watch him get shot while performing on the song ‘Sab Tera’ from ‘Baaghi’.

Check out this video and you will be amazed!

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If that was unbelievable, this guy even dances much like Tiger…. so much so that his dance moves have rocked YouTube…Now, that is one helluva coincidence. Not only this boy looks like the actor, he can even walk, talk and dance like him.  Hope he gets offers to play his duplicate in films soon.

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