(L) Kkanoo Gupta and (R) a perplexed Parineeti Chopra (Pic Courtesy: Facebook/Twitter)

Parineeti Chopra has landed herself in a soup and now, wants to jump out of it. So, here’s a quick recap of what has happened so far. A week ago, Parineeti said at an event that her family had no money and she had to cycle till her school. But one of her ex-classmates has lashed out lamenting that she was always rich and is fabricating a sob story in order to sound courageous.

When ex-classmate Kkanoo Gupta tried to expose her via his Facebook status, Parineeti’s initial reaction was to take a small sabbatical from social media (maybe to avoid the whole fiasco).

But now, after Kkanoo Gupta’s accusations are all over the internet and elsewhere, Parineeti, perhaps saw red and has issued a long letter clarifying all her statements.

NEXT SLIDE – Here’s what she has written in her official statement released just now on Twitter