Uttaran actress Tinaa Duttaa sexually harassed on a plane, cabin crew pays no attention!

Tinaa Dutta (picture courtesy: moviereviewpreview)

All this while we believed that only ordinary people go through harassment but it seems like celebrities are now a part of it. Popular TV actress from Uttaran, Tinaa Duttaa was travelling from Bombay to Rajkot for an event when she met with a sudden, unfortunate event that left her shocked and in despair.

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Tinaa Dutta (picture courtesy: moviereviewpreview)

The actress recently told the media that she was sexually harassed during her flight and it annoyed her to such an extent that she complained to the cabin crew about the whole affair. She also said that travelling hasn’t been such a painful experience for her before. Tinaa said she was seated in 30A whereas her manager was in 30C. The both were having a normal and work related discussion when suddenly she felt someone trying to touch her inappropriately. Naturally the actress was fuming with rage so she reprimanded him in public hoping it would finish the matter right there. Even though the man apologized, she was hoping the cabin crew would do something about it but it seemed like they were not in the least bothered about her. They let the matter go light and easy and provided her with some lame explanation.

This made Tina question the current state of affairs in our country and how selfish people can be when it comes to helping others.