VIDEO: Akshay Kumar voicing his opinion on Bengaluru’s night of shame is something you need to watch!

The recent night of shame in Banglore has left the masses speechless. People are absolutely enraged seeing the audacity of others who don’t even know how to respect women. Bollywood celebrities, politicians and well known people across India have tweeted on the topic; including Akshay Kumar. Scroll down to see what he said.

Akshay Kumar (picture courtesy: twitter)

Akshay seems extremely angry and frustrated with the way people are treating one another. The message sent by him is not just an eye-opener but also a tight slap to all those who have tried to justify such shameful acts. Akshay has not just condemned such behavior but also has a special message for those who think hurting women can be done right.


Several Bollywood celebrities including Richa Chadha, Varun Dhawan and Farhan Akhtar have spoken on the matter. Indeed, Bangalore’s night of shame has proved to be the worst in Bollywood history.