This video REVEALS that ONE FOOD ITEM Prabhas could not resist even during his strict diet regime for Baahubali 2

As we all know, how much the strict diet Rana and Prabhas had gone through while shooting the Baahubali 2 but there was a day once in a month when they cheated their diet. During an Interview in London, the director SS Rajamouli has unveiled the naughtiest thing about his students and it is quite surprising.

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Rajamouli said:

Once in a month, they will have a cheat meal day. On that day, you should see the kind of display Prabhas has. 10-15 kinds of biriyanis, just biriyanis. No exaggeration. You don’t even know those varieties of biriyanis even exist. Varieties of fish, chicken, mutton, and not just curries, even fries. You can’t just imagine the kind of display he has.

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Prabhas and Rana followed a strict diet and exercise routine for five years to stay in their Baahubali characters. However, during the media interaction in London, S.S. Rajamouli revealed Rana and Prabhas’ biggest diet secrets. Click on the video!

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