Did Alia Bhatt get into a verbal spat with a fellow passenger? (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Alia Bhatt is the youngest filmstar of the film industry. At 24, she has reached the heights most actors are able to achieve only when they are closer to 30. Recently, as Alia Bhatt was travelling, she was seen getting into a verbal spat with a co-passenger of her flight. And the whole debate began with, “Aaj kal ke bachche…kuch respect hi nahin hai buzurgon ke liye…” Here’s how Alia fumed at this dialogue by an old man and how she even silenced him.

Alia Bhatt in a deleted scene from her film ‘Dear Zindagi’ that also starred Shah Rukh Khan (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

So, Alia Bhatt had taken a flight back to her home after work, and when she was just about to get seated on her economy seat, an old man requested her to exchange his seat with her so that he can sit next to his son. Initially, Alia agrees. But when she notices that the exchanged seat is a tiny one sandwiched between two men with big pot bellies, she thought she would hardly be able to breathe throughout her flight.

Hence, she went back to the old man, and requested him saying, “Uncle, main uss seat pe nahin baith sakti.” At this, the old man begins to crib that the younger generation has absolutely no respect towards the elder ones. But Alia was not someone to take it. Here’s how she hit back at him. And the way she explained her situation to him, and shut him up, many co-passengers of the flight were impressed by her way of tackling him.

Below is that deleted scene from the film ‘Dear Zindagi’.

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