Vijay Mallya spotted watching Indo-Pak match in London. Social media laughs at the ‘ABSCONDER’

Vijay Mallya was spotted watching the Indo-Pak cricket match in Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, London (Pic Courtesy: Twitter/instagram)

In the midst of the Indo Pak cricket match on Sunday, something happened that made all the Indians on social media ponder about the King of Good Times. This ex-King — Vijay Mallya — was spotted watching the match at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham, London. Pictures shared widely on social media showed the owner of the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines seated comfortably in the stands, with not even one percentage of fear of getting clicked or spotted! The minute news agencies confirmed his presence, the internet population began to thrash him. Here’s what they said….

(Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

While others claimed that this ex-king of good times is so super relaxed and watching the game at the expense of our hard-earned money.

(Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

No wonder, a good part of the social media attention — which was erstwhile belonging to only the Indo Pak match — was snatched by Mallya – owing to the cameras who spotted him at the London ground.

(Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

At 61, Vijay Mallya, who was once a living example of how to live a flamboyant life, is today, an ABSCONDER – a national one at that. Mallya, reportedly owes Indian banks a whopping Rs 6,963 crore (which totals to Rs 9,000 crore with interest), is one of India’s most wanted, owing to his cases relating to foreign exchange violation, debt recovery and embezzlement. A few months ago, heavily burdened under a sea of allegations and debt, he fled India for the United Kingdom. It was then that he was officially declared an absconder by a special Prevention of Money Laundering Act court in November 2016.

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(Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

Vijay Mallya spotted at Birmingham (pic Courtesy: Republic)

In many memes — that have been floating around the internet — Gavaskar was also mentioned. Take a look at what people are saying….

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