This LEAKED VIDEO of Bigg Boss fame Vishal Karwal with an Indonesian model in his BEDROOM is EMBARASSING!

Vishal Karwal and Gebby Vesta (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Ex Splitsvillan and former Bigg Boss hot shot Vishal Karwal has got himself into some major trouble recently and this time it’s so embarrassing, we believe there’s no going back for the TV actor. The young chap has a video of him circulating on social media, that too by an Indonesian model who claims to be his girlfriend. The two were apparently in the same bedroom and she was making coffee for me. The look of the video will definitely make you cringe and feel bad for Karwal at the same time. But before you show you the video, let’s first introduce you to Gebby Vesta… the Indonesian who is kicking up a storm on social media.

Gebby Vesta (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Gebby Vesta is a popular Indonesian model and a  verified Instagammer. She is a famous girl and by the looks of her photos, you can tell she’s quite obsessed over the actor. Plus she is attractive so people have sort of believed her.

Gebby Vesta (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Gebby posted a video of him on Instagram saying that she’s been dating him two years and they are going steady. Not only that, she’s got so many photos of him on her Instagram too. Vishal who was shirtless in the leaked, private video has denied the whole thing and he says that he doesn’t even know the woman. He feels very embarrassed right now and simply hopes that legal action has been taken against her.

My sayang @karwalvishal 😂😂 gk biasa sama import eh pas bangun tidur siapkan dia kopi sebelum berangkat shooting, dia nanya gue minum apa mau jawab tea malah teh 😂😂 soalnya lidah gue biasa jilatin lokal 😝😝 jadi ada orang TV hono yg kejang2 lapor ke si aktor india tentang gue, eh gue tanya… masa Orang Sange harus loe tahan buat ngewe?? Terus kalau dia dekat sama gue salah?? Ratting kalian turun?? Gak kan… takut gagal bikin gimmick cinta segitiga sama si artis ono?? Yaaa elaaah shaaay… kan dia single bukan suami atau pacar orang, salah kalau cewek binal n bad kaya gue buat deket Sama dia sampai pas tau malam ini gue mau jalan sama dia langsung keluarkan jurus hina bina dan fitnah tentang gue, kur kur mbaknya.. kalau situ Pengen rasain kenti artis India sono gih cobain.. gue mah udah pernh 😂😂 gedong n panjang booo 🤣🤣🤣 #artist #india #aktor #aktorindia #artistindia #tv #orangindonesiarumpi #orangindonesianorak #orangindonesiaheboh #orangindonesiajulit #bollywoodvaganza #antv #pesbukers

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He said “I am shocked. Last week I was in Indonesia and when I came back to India, I heard this news. My Indonesian friends told me about it. She has posted a picture of mine on her Instagram page, claiming that we are in a relationship and that she has known me for two years and that we met in Singapore.” When the actor was asked on whether the man in the video is him or not, Vishal immediately refused to admit that it’s him. “No yaar. I watched the video after getting calls from journalists and no, it’s not me. I don’t know who the hell is he.”

Well, regardless of whether Vishal wants to admit this or not, it sure is obvious that the guy in the video is him. But the question is… why would Gebby Vesta or whoever has planned this want to do something like that? Has Vishal broken her heart? Or is she actually doing this for fame. Only time will tell!