WATCH: Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta’s hilarious short film Khujli will give you relationship goals!

Neena Gupta and Jackie Shroff (picture courtesy: youtube)

Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta have been off screen for a very long period of time. With their recent comeback in Khujli, we are assured they are going to do so much better in the long term.

Neena Gupta and Jackie Shroff (picture courtesy: youtube)

A short film produced by Terribly Tiny Talkies on YouTube, Khujli is a light hearted film that will give you relationship goals today. The movie is about having secret desires and fantasies that were unspoken of for years between a 25 year old married couple. The short cinema was released yesterday and fans have been talking about it repeatedly on social media. Take a look at it below.


Jackie Shroff has done quite a good job in the film. During a statement he also said that Sonam Nair being the director made work much easy for him and his co-actor Neena Gupta. The story was good and enjoyable and Jackie made sure he was putting in his best effort. When someone asked him about doing a steamy scene, Jackie also said “When your director holds a whip in her hands, it becomes easy for an actor to be kinky.”

Khujli, overall, is a fun film to watch and has an equally appealing script. Both the director and the workers enjoyed working on the movie and the audience is indeed very impressed. If you know people who havent watched the short film yet, go ahead and share it with them!