Mahira Khan (picture courtesy: shankh naad)

Being hypocritical is nothing new for Pakistani celebs these days- take Mahira Khan for example. The reigning lady of Lollywood who charmed her way into our hearts with Humsafar and her latest appearance in Raees has unfortunately left us shocked and appalled with her opinion on Bollywood and India. If we heard her views before Raees was taken up, she probably wouldn’t have been where she is today. Scroll down to watch the full video clip.

Mahira Khan (picture courtesy: shankh naad)

In the clip below you are about to see Mahira talk about Bollywood and how she feels we should not be inspired by then. Mind you! Mahira has done the exact opposite of what she said in the video clip. She lampoons Bollywood and Indian cinema and at the same time says that she will not be a part of Indian films at all. Now that is just hypocrisy. Years after this interview, Mahira came to India and talked about how much she loved Bollywood films and enjoyed watching them. She also signed up for Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees which shows how much these people don’t mean what they say. Once it was Fawad Khan who shocked us with his opinion on the Yuri attacks and now it is Mahira who revealed her true side to us. Indeed, it is a matter of shame and an unfortunate incident that shouldn’t have happened.

Pak actress on India

Maheera Khan, the actress of Raees, holds a low opinion about Indian film industry.Appreciate how she supports her own film industry but doesn't mean she will talk of ours in such a disrespectful manner with the TV show anchor.And yet our film industry calls these ungrateful idiots to our country, promotes them and cajoles them despite growing opposition from countrymen.Her statements are a slap to Paki lover jamaat in our film industry.She must apologise to our country.

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