Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra had an important message to share with all her fans on International Women’s Day. The Hollywood star took to social media to express her feelings regarding women and what she feels the day should be about. Scroll down to find out

Priyanka Chopra (picture courtesy: theodysseyonline)

. “The one big message I give young girls all around the world and especially young girls in India is… never let anyone tell you who you can be. And what you need to be. And who you should be” Priyanka said. It is indeed one of the most powerful messages to send to women over the world, especially India who are deprived of basic freedom and safety at times. The former Miss World is definitely opening eyes everywhere. You can also take a quick look at the video she did recently on the same occasion.

The former Miss World, who has been roped in as the global ambassador of hair care brand Pantene, sent out the message through a special video for the brand on Wednesday, read a statement.