Rakhi Sawant (picture courtesy: youtube)

Seems like ‘chitting’ queen Rakhi Sawant has involved herself into another controversy and this time it’s so ghastly, we hope she recovers from this tough period soon. Rakhi who happens to be a popular item girl in Bollywood and a politician had someone taking a video of hers while she was in the changing room. Scroll down to see the leaked MMS!

Rakhi Sawant (picture courtesy: youtube)

Rakhi has been off the news for quite some time so this could be some publicity stunt as well. Although the actress says that it is no her and someone else, we can clearly see and tell that it is her indeed. Rakhi however, feels that what has happened with her is unfair and she will fight through this somehow.

We are beginning to feel sorry for the actress now.



Rakhi is currently shooting for a film called Before Christmas which is slated to release by the end of the year. Her last movie was Ek Kahaani Julie Ki which couldn’t do any wonders in the box office.